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Our History

Our three decades of history and our close-knit community at Le Trapeze offer a million secrets.

Our Midtown Manhattan location has housed over 30 years of the most tantalizing romps and escapades. Our members return to play over and over again. Home to discerning New York swinger couples, Le Trapeze has grown with the glamour of swinging. Clubs like Plato’s Retreat were well-known on-premise couples’ clubs for swinger parties and entertainment. Le Trapeze preserves the tradition of a reputable on-premise swingers club, a tradition unparalleled by off-premise adults only clubs.

Le Trapeze ownership bridges several generations of history. We share our history with our members. Consequently, Le Trapeze has developed and grown independent of trends. We are not just another passing fad. In fact, we maintain a strong connection to the Lifestyle community. We are the oldest on-premise swingers club in New York City.